Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My NickName


I believe everyone have their own nickname. Some may have one or more nick name. For example, Mikey Wong (mickey mouse), doreen (doremon), Dong Yong Hing (donkey), papaya, (katty) hello kitty, Nana Lau (banana), Ngo Suok King (stocking), Ngu Mei Mei (lembu), (Ting Yien Fung) tin kosong, Kong Fong Ping (King Kong), Kueh Tze Siew (Kuih Bulan), Azira (Zirafah), Swee Ming (Swimming or berenang), Tan You yong (Swimming-you yong in chinese), Erika (Seterika), Teh Ming Yien (Teh o peng, or jelly-cai yen in chinese) and others.

I also have my own nicknames. My name is Susie Chieng. Since i was young my friends called me Susu.
Susie Chieng= Fresh milk - Chieng in chinese sound mean fresh. So, my friends called me in foo chow 'ngu neng (milk) chien'. These is my first nickname.

My second nickname Sushi King & Sushi Queen
I think all ppl know the reason of my second nickname. The sound for Sushi=Susie. So, i told ppl that i am manufacture of Sushi king. And it will be easier for others to remember my name as Sushi King is quite popular nowadays.

Third nickname are 'Zero Money' or '$0' - It mean that i dont have money
I still remember every time my friend ask me some questions such as:

1. What is your surname?
2. Your name is Susie What?

I will reply that my surename is Chieng or i will reply Susie Chieng. Some of them may ask me "Chieng" what? Which "Chieng". Then, i will answer Chieng=Money. FRom the answer i give to them, they will respond by saying that Wow, Chieng? money? then u must very rich. 'Treat eat' All of them thought i'm rich but it is opposite meaning if i tell them my Full Name is Susie Chieng Ling

Susie Chieng (in Chinese mean Money) Ling (in Chinese mean Zero)
It mean that Susie Zero Money or Susie No money

So, dont ask me treat eat because not everyone with surname 'Chieng' is rich.

Another nickname is Suzuki. These nickname is given by my colleague, Aien last months when i started working. It is hard for me to imagine if got a ppl call Suzuki Chieng Ling. At last, I accept the nickname because i think that i should proud of it because i may become manufacture of Suzuki switch.

It could be meaningful to have a nickname too. So, please remember and happy with your nickname all the time. =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

That Y I HAtE Dog

WhY You Don't Want to touch or Hug DoG?

This questions arise from my friends (Miss Pipo, Kitty and others) several times. I am wondering how should i answer this kind of questions. So, I decided to explain it on blog. I have gave this speech to my course mate during our elective class (Speaking with professional). The story is described in detail as follow:

During my childhood, i like to hanging around myself using my bicycle. One day, I ride my bicycle to school for co-curricular meeting. I cycle towards Jln Chung Nik (short-cut way to find my friend before going to school). On the half of the road, there was a dog barking and looking at me. I am scared and started to worry. Finally, I make a decision to speed or accelerate along the road. The dog start to chase me and i increase my speed along the road. Unfortunately, the dog success in chasing me and bite my left leg. I fall down from my bicycle and get injured. Although injured, i still managed to keep far away from the dog.

I told my friends about the incident. My friends advice me that 'do not run or speed if you see dog'. I hear and agreed with them. On other days, I felt hungry and thirsty. So, i make a decision to walk to supermarket nearby my house. On the way to the supermarket, i saw a dog (different dog) again. I remembered my friends advice 'do not run'. I walked slowly and pass by the dog. The dog pretend do not see me and i also pretend do not see the dog. I'm happy and felt safe as the dog do not bother me at all. I continue my walk to supermarket. After a few minutes, i feel my right leg were heavy and numb. There is something stop me from walking. I look down to my right leg and i saw the dog bite me from behind. I was cheated by the dog appearance. Starting from that day, i start to hate dog. That Why I Hate To Touch DoG.

My advice is Please bring a Hammer or Hokey stick when you are walking